Food & Hospitality Practice

Annual Revenue of Global Food industry is estimated to be USD 5.9 Trillion and is considered as one of the most successful and dynamic business sectors by many investors. The hospitality and catering industry is currently the third largest employer of labor worldwide. US, Europe and China are in Trillion leagues and the studies from various sources across the globe confirm the growth of the industry and industry related activities from year to year. The industry is matured in terms of business processes and wide spread with a variety of segments identified by the nature of activity. They include restaurants – fine dining, catering – contract, remote site and airline, retail food, food processing etc.

Catering industry is characterized by 'hub and spoke' operation wherein there is a Central Kitchen (production) acting as a hub and multiple outlets where the end customer is served. With area of operation widespread there are many touch points and multiple process owners and the added difficulty of no single source of information.

Catering sector has been facing the pain of inefficient manual processes to manage food ingredient requirement planning,supply and, production. Consolidation of requirements from multiple locations and then procuring from worldwide suppliers to deliver to the location has sustained exorbitant cost overruns. In today's fast pace environment, a regular caterer is not able to estimate the cost of raw materials/ingredients, as there is a dearth of integrated ERP process which can enhance menu planning, procurement, warehousing and kitchen operations. As a consequence, caterers fail to optimize cost and generate more revenue both for themselves and their clients. Spending considerable amount of time on research and development to keep its applications in pace with the growing technology trend, Seventhsense Technologies, having customer base spread over 20 countries, leverages Purlynt suite of products/solutions -a comprehensive collection of best industry practices, pre-built integrations, process methodologiesto meet the catering requirements and getbetter ROI on ERP investments. Seventhsense's "Purlynt" solutions are being used in more than 900 locations by many global players.
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