e10 Food

e10 Food offers the flexibility of working as an Integrated ERP Solution or a combination of modules. The e10 Food ERP application has an extensive range of functionality including personalized information access and tailored reporting to help you in all areas of your business. With full support to integrate your core business processes such as Recipe Menu Management, Procurement Management, Central Warehouse, Location Management, Sales Module, Material Planning, Financial Management and Control, HR & Payroll Management, Camp Management and Laundry Management.

A few noteworthy features of e10 Food

  • Recipe & Menu Management
  • Material Requirement Planning
  • Quality, Health and Safety Environment
  • Procurement & Inventory
  • Production
  • Operations / Dispatch
  • Sales & Costing

Recipe & Menu Management: e10 Food's Recipe & Menu Management facilitates Recipe creation, grouping as cook books, food program & full cycle menu management. It is integrated with pictures & Methodology of cooking. It provides for: Flexible period configuration like weekly, monthly etc. for menu planning, Flexible issue quantities. Recipe & Menu management module is integrated with costing, estimation, material requirement planning & sales estimations modules.

Procurement :with e10 Food's Procurement module you can have complete control over purchasing, tendering processing, stock levels, inventory tracking, and online collaboration with different job site/suppliers across the world. It is integrated with a fully developed standard costing/ issue price mechanism to the job site/locations. It includes complete purchase performance management in terms of savings and discount concept.

Central Warehouse : e10 Food's Central Warehouse management module integrates Tendering, Procurement, inventory processes through a centralized system providing real-time visibility. Control the movement of inventory across multiple warehouses/Locations/Job Site. Fully integrated with material requirement planning, delivery schedule management between Job sites/Multiple warehouses.

Location Management :e10 Food's Location Management module manages Material inflow, inter-center transfers, issues to kitchen & forecasting. It facilitates generation of service records (SRC) for customer billing. It is fully integrated with Recipe/Menu management, QHSE, Central Warehouse & Sales Modules. Location Management Module facilitates Control of food cost (PRJ), Stock movement register;

e10 Food's QHSE module is designed to help companies in maintaining their quality within the organization and client's place. It supports the management to take long term and short term decisions and helps to adhere to the international safety standards. The Lab management module facilitates the department to test various samples sent to various testers and track them. The Training module helps the company to run a fully functional training department which ensures all staffs are trained in all the necessary areas of their responsibility. The Inspection and Audit facilitates the company in maintaining the required standards...Download Product Brochure

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