Integrated Facility Management Services

Integrated Facility Management (IFM) is supports to maintain any kind of (Movable / Immovable) asset. Reduce risk, improve safety & security, and optimize fleet / Assets operations with real-time. IFM provide complete return on investment typically in less than a year. IFM is a solution which allows companies which rely on Asset / Fleet in business to minimize the cost associated with Asset / Fleet investment, improving efficiency, productivity and reducing overall asset and staff costs. Minimize fuel expense and eliminate costly unscheduled maintenance of Asset / Fleet. Purlynt-IFM covers the following Functionalities:


  • User definable checklist format creation
  • Capture maximum details of asset
  • Create more than one checklist for single asset
  • Create PM schedule for user definable period
  • Day / Week / Month / Year can be used for schedule creation
  • System auto generated preventive work order
  • Easy configuration of check list template
  • Update of work order details by employee through mobile
  • Easy to convert work order from request
  • Maintain vehicle trip record
  • Track ad-hoc work order and preventive work order
  • Easy to create preventive schedule for sub major part
  • Help desk module facilitates to receive and register details calls from customer
  • Fixed asset module facilitates to calculate the depreciation of asset
  • HCM module facilitates to get the employee information like skill set, salary etc...,
  • Procurement module brings added functionality of contract and purchase creation
  • CMSI module facilitates to generate invoices for service activities
  • Easy to search pending request and work order
  • LOV for all master records search
  • Export all reports to various file format
  • All activities are integrated. No need of duplication of data
  • Documentation is electronic
  • Purely and completely Web enabled
  • Easy access and import, export facilities for excel
  • Multiple formats of reports like txt, excel, pdf, html etc
  • Security and User control
  • "N" number of screen can open in run time and can add value to more than one screen
  • Single click to save all the screens
  • User can compare value of two screens with screen split option
  • Records can be sort and filter with right click option
  • Detailed column can be hide / unhide with right click Option


  • Track ad-hoc request and work order status
  • Forecast Preventive work order
  • Track trip details by vehicle
  • Easy to arrive maintenance of asset
  • Track replacement parts of asset
  • Track warranty period of spare parts
  • Track asset insurance details
  • Easy to summarize cost spent for the asset
  • Analyze worth of asset
  • Easy to track asset location and department
  • Easy to find the subcontracting activities of asset
  • Track work order by priority
  • Track employee wise pending work order
  • Easy to assign work order to another employee
  • ncrease the performance of asset
  • Maximum utilization of asset
  • Easy to evaluate the delayed of work order
  • mprove customer services
  • Easy to integrate the HCM, Procurement
  • Inventory, and Contract Management & Sales, Invoicing.
  • Easy to view the consolidated reports of all modules

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