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Onsite catering to Factories, Camps, Educational Institutions, Hospitals, Oil Rigs, Correction Facilities, Army Operations, etc. poses different challenges in procurement, supply chain, production management. The industry operations and the supply of meals are influenced by the Contract, Culture and eating habits of the regions they operate. Meticulous understanding and planning should start from the Bid management itself. We understand these intricacies and complexities.

Seventh sense was started by group of Industry Experts, who were in Senior Management positions, for the main reason that there were no solutions available in the market that caters to the unique business processes of the industry.

Some of the major issues faced by the industry that were experienced by the Promoters of Seventhsense in their previous role were:

  • Inability to do a proper Bids Management linked to costing, past history of tenders and instant/actual cost.
  • Consolidation of Material Requirements for Multiple Locations for procuring from Worldwide Suppliers to leverage the advantages of economies of scale.
  • Inability to estimate the cost of ingredients for Planning. While the cost varies the sale price is fixed for a period.
  • Chain of processes from Procurement to Supply to Production to Sales is long involving Multiple Stake Holders and Sections. Establishing link for the entire operations is difficult and not done effectively.
  • Due to non-availability of integrated information, Planning becomes at best Reactive. This results in Over or Under Supply of Materials, Excess stock and Wastage, Local Procurement at higher prices, Lack of Flexibility in Locations Transfers of Men and Material, etc. All these impact EFR (Effective Food Response) which is a key for success.
  • Inability to monitor the Efficiency as the Cost vs. Revenue is available only at the Global Level and not at the Unit of Sale level.
  • Lack of tools to monitor Quality standards and to be in compliant with latest standards.
  • Inability to control Food expiry , non- moving stock and stock write offs adding to Food cost.
  • Lack of Right Information at the Right time. By the time the impact is seen it is too late with damages already.
  • Lack of end–to–end integrated ERP designed specifically to address the unique operational requirements. While there are Point Solutions for Procurement or Financial or HCM, there is no solution available that integrates the entire process from Menu Planning to Sales to Collection.

It is a given thing that the revenues are determined by external factors and not in control. Efficiency of Operations, Cost Monitoring and Control are internal and that is the major source for getting that extra dollar.

Satkaar-has been designed to address the issues faced by the Industry. It is proved by industry veterans that a generic ERP ‘as it is’ or Customized will not suite to contract catering requirements, for these requirements are very specific to the industry. Satkaar is an end-to-end integrated contract catering ERP with industry specific built in business processes & features. The product is in use with 2 of the Top 4 Global Leaders.

Our solution can help you in:

  • Bids management linked to instant and actual cost with comparisons of past history
  • Planning and forecasting
  • Effective contract management& vendor selections
  • Material Requirement Plan from Menu Plan to the lowest level to consider the brand for ingredients
  • Consolidation of ingredients to benefit from large volume of purchase
  • Tracking of information to the lowest level of Cost Per Plate vs. Revenue per Plate
  • Monitoring the business process to replace the inefficiency of business operations by efficiency of operation of another business process
  • Ensuring there is no slip in Billing and Revenue Leakage with built in Business Process for Service Entry & Invoicing
  • Procure to pay and sales to collect – fully automated
  • Visibility of Stock in all Stores and Wastage Control
  • Effective Man-Power Planning & Payroll
  • Payroll compliant with any country in the world
  • Flexibility in Moving Men & Materials across Locations
  • Complete QC module (QHSE) &Compliance with HACCP processes for Recipe and Critical Control Points (CCPs) within the Recipe Instructions
  • Analyzing the Financial Information in 8 different Dimensions
  • Dashboards for different line managers and CEOs/ CFOs

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