The services offered by 7STL can be broadly grouped in to two:-Functional Consulting Services and Technical Services.

Functional Consulting Services - As a logical add-on service offering to IT and ITES services, 7thsense offers process consulting services mainly in Finance function to support the customers in streamlining the Finance & Accounting processes. With years of experience in implementing the solutions – both proprietary and COTS solution - that involved interaction with large corporates and best run companies, our consultants have gained an in-depth knowledge of different process areas and the best practices followed in those successful operations. One of the key reasons for the successful run of these companies were due to the effective mechanism and measures that were put in place to create visibility at the CXO level on the operation efficiency, margins on sales, issue areas that need attention, etc. Our consultants were part of the team that implemented these processes, mechanisms and measures.

Irrespective of the best of the system implementation, the desired results of the implementation of system and automation have not been achieved due to:

  • The unique business processes were not considered while designing and implementing the new system
  • With new system in place some of the existing processes may need to undergo changes but these were not factored and implemented
  • SMEs trying to retain the same old processes for fear of change even though the new system has better controls and built-in checks and balances
  • No clear definition of Roles & Responsibilities of each business division users with the new system in place
  • Migration of data from the old system has not been carried out properly

The primary aim of our Functional Consulting services is to streamline the processes, bring in the controls, definition of work processes, train and induct new members and support them in handling the regular processes on their own. By virtue of executing various projects and assignments, our consultants have a fair ability to quickly diagnose the problem areas and come out with recommendations. These recommendations are shared with the process owners and a plan is agreed to be implemented. During implementation, if any path corrections is required the same is highlighted and the modified plan is implemented. The primary focus is to bring in:

  • Efficiency of operations
  • Avoidance of duplication and redundant operations
  • Ensuring quality of data
  • Time-bound closing
  • Clear Ownership of process areas
  • Modifications in the system to achieve the above goals
  • Ensuring the data migration from the old system has been complete

Our consultants have carried out various projects that include:

  • Support for Migration of data from main frame system to SAP Finance
  • Implementation support for Finance module of SAP
  • Implementation support for Amadeus Airline Revenue Accounting System APRA
  • Process reengineering, work practice definition, induction and mentoring new employees, etc.
  • Process Support

Please download case studies pertaining to Migration Support for SAP, Implementation support for SAP, Implementation support for APRA, Process Reengineering and Process Support.

Technical Services : Our technical services is largely based on Java/J2EE and Oracle EPM technologies.


We have a strong Java/J2EE team headed by hands-on technical experts who have executed huge projects in North America, Europe and Asia. Our Technical Consultants in Java/J2EE stream have huge years of experience in

  • Our proprietary product Design & Development,
  • Providing technical support to our product implementation
  • Designing & Developing Point solutions, Portals, etc.
  • Designing & Developing specific requirements of bespoken developments
  • Maintenance & Support of the existing Java/J2EE applications
  • Reverse Engineering, Performance Tuning & Optimization

Our Java team consists of certified Technical and Functional consultants. Over a period of time, the team has developed reusable components that are easily pluggable in the new developments that will reduce the lead time to market for the customers and reduced cost of ownership.

Please download case studies pertaining to Portal Development, Bespoke development, Performance Tuning & Optimization and Development of Point Solutions

Oracle EPM

We are Oracle gold certified partner. Our team consists of Qualified and Oracle certified consultants who have successfully executed projects in:

  • Oracle Hyperion Enterprise
  • Oracle Hyperion 11.0
  • Oracle Hyperion Consolidation

Please go to page EPM / BI Business Performance Management for details of our service offerings and expertise in Oracle EPM.

Please download case studies pertaining to successful execution of projects in Oracle HE, Oracle Hyperion and Consolidation and OBIAA & OBIA

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