e10 Onboard Sales

e10 Onboard Sales is the seamless product developed exclusively for In-Flight Product Sales in Airlines Industries. Engineered and developed by In-Flight sales industry domain experts, the product combines the right blend of industry best practices and innovative technologies to meet the industry specific requirements. Deployed on web enabled technology, the product is highly robust, scalable and flexible to address the complex working needs of users spread across multiple locations and Countries.

The Solution:e10 Skysales ERP workflow is seamlessly integrated between various core modules to address key business processes such as cart packing with their template standards like item, Qty and price, facilitating Purchase order, Material Receipt and Inspection, Delivery from warehouse to multiple locations sub-stores and shops, Maintain multiple stock type in same inventory. Allow commission for paid sales & Cash Receipt control form, supporting Budget, Forecast of sales and item requisition process, Extensive quality reporting integrated with KPI monitoring.

e10 Skysales has the following components :

  • Procurement
  • Inventory Management
  • Operations Management
  • Product Cycle Change Process
  • Dispatch Management
  • Ramp Dispatch Management
  • On Board Sales Management
  • Collection Management
  • Financial Verification Management and Control
  • Shop Sales Management (POS)

The e10 Onboard Sales offer in-built features to help customers to manage their business with ease and convenience:

  • Better organize over the operations through proactive tracking
  • Enhance operational effectiveness
  • Information transparency across the Onboard Sales processes
  • Elegant single window to the global Onboard Sales info
  • Collaborative & integrate between Business units, Inventory, Procurement, Operations, Ramp activities and Sales & Collections.
  • Reduce packing time, Increase accuracy level with barcode system.
  • Print Controlform at any stage for verification purpose.
  • Manage & reduce the duplicate entry
  • Excel add-on for easy access
  • Import & Export features
  • Built in Email and Document Management
  • Supports Multi-currency
  • Supports multiple payment type on Controlform settlement
  • Multiple security levels and User control
  • Packing Store can monitor arrival carts
  • Compliance for in-flight product sales sector
  • Virtual/physical warehouse
  • Unlimited reporting; multiple report formats: Excel, PDF, Html etc.
  • KPI Reporting
  • Reduce manual stock verification & intervention on controlform creation.
  • Operations related reports and analysis which help the management to take decisions.
  • Integrated Security Encrypted password Role based login (User Rights Management).
  • Barcode integrated .
  • Integration to other legacy systems – flat file.
  • Option to export data to various file format.
  • Option to import data from excel.

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