e10 CMSI

Contract Management & Sales Invoicing module is developed by using Purylnt ERP Application. The application is driven by Master data screens, Contract Management, Sales Invoice generation and Reports in Catering, Manpower, and Function.

Benefits in Contract Management:

  • Single Customer can have multiple contracts
  • One contract can be connected to multiple locations
  • Contract follow up process is established in the application .
  • Multiple Services can be added to one contract.
  • Facility established for extension of an existing contract without re-creation of new contract for the extension.
  • Service requests can be amended if needed .

Benefits in Sales Invoicing:

  • Range matrix logic is incorporated in the application to update the quantity and unit rate
  • Multiple calendar days quantity can be maintained in a single service request
  • Two types unit rate can be defined, Fixed and Slab rate
  • Application provides facility to prepare the quality checking before raising an invoice. Draft invoice option provides this facility
  • Multiple invoices can be generated for a customer at one click using Group invoice facility
  • Seamless integration with finance at one click
  • Invoices can be exported using multiple formats
  • Generated invoice can be emailed without exporting
  • Duplication of data entry can be avoided.

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