Purlynt FICO – A Finance and Accounting Management Solution

Purlynt FICO provides comprehensive, state-of-the-art accounting and finance solutions to multi-national companies with multiple business locations, divisions, entities and dealing with multiple currencies. The product combines all requirements of accounts, costing and business intelligence and business analysis in one tool.

Purlynt FICO has the following key features

  • Accounting package is designed to seamlessly consolidate, analyze & help business groups.
  • Truly web enabled
  • Real time online data
  • Supports multiple units, currencies and market segments
  • Unlimited analysis
  • Non-financial parameters
  • Budgets as well as estimates for the future
  • Drill down of all the information
  • Reports are built with a facility to export structured data to Excel for further analysis if required
  • Highly focused on customer needs
  • Maintains financial information for an unlimited number of fiscal years with unlimited fiscal periods

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