e10 Airline Equipment Management System (AEMS)

Airline Equipment Management System is the next generation flagship ERP product developed exclusively for Airline on board Equipment and logistics industry. Engineered and developed by Airlines onboard industry domain experts, the product combines the right blend of industry best practices and innovative technologies to meet the industry specific requirements. Built on web enabled technology, the product is highly robust, scalable and flexible to address the complex needs of business users spread across multiple locations and countries. As business complexities differ from Enterprise to Enterprise, our Solution Architects can custom the Product by offering a combination of modules to meet the customer's specific business requirements 

The Solution: e10 AEMS workflow is seamlessly integrated between various core modules to address key business processes such as Equipment Managements with their Stations and warehouse, facilitating Reordering items, Purchase Order and supplier comparison, Delivery from Central warehouse to Multiple locations and as well as from Suppliers to various Stations inside the kingdom, Accommodation of Contractual and Non Contractual discount prices and back charge, supporting Budget and Forecast process facilitating multiple comparison with actual in multiple currencies, Extensive quality reporting integrated with KPI monitoring

e10 AEMS has the following components:

  • Contract Management
  • Equipment Management
  • Procurement / Inventory
  • Operations
  • Stations Management
  • Shipment Process
  • Finance
  • Admin and User Control
  • Agility Warehouse

Key Salient Features:

  • Fully web based
  • User friendly user interface (MS Excel like functions, and Windows like Short cut keys)
  • Alerts & Notification – Proactive and Reactive Notification
  • Console / Approver's queue
  • Dashboard
  • Electronic Document Management
  • Parameterized Approval workflow
  • Security User role based access & Protocol option of HTTP or secure (HTTPS))
  • Excel based upload / import
  • Built in e-Mail system
  • Comprehensive reporting engine ( Parameterized multi format reporting, Scheduler based Emailing (Report as attachment) to senior management and User driven report template / layout)


The e10 AEMS offer in-built features to help customers manage their business with ease and convenience.

  • Centralized management of Airlines In flight catering Equipment.
  • Compliance with HACCP processes for in flight Equipments and Stations management. (Station Allocation).
  • Standardized Shipment Process for domestic and international transactions.
  • Sales Contract Management that includes Industry specific services.
  • Industry compliant Integrated Process Flow in line with the business processes.
  • FIFO Concepts while delivering items to Stations/ Regions.
  • UOM based Transactions between the central warehouses to Stations.
  • Centralized purchasing within the country and across the regions.
  • Built in Email and Document Management.
  • Support of Multi-currency.
  • Role based Access and User control.
  • Configurable workflow process.
  • Built–in Task Manager and Dashboard.
  • Graphical Based reports.
  • Pre-built Analytics specific to Airlines catering industry like Cost per meal, etc.

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