The Purlynt range of products/solutions are based on a comprehensive collection of best, industry practices, pre-built integrations, process methodologies, and integration tools that enable customers to get more value, better synergy and better ROI from their ERP investments. As solutions for adaptive enterprises, these products include compound services and functionalities that meet the needs of the business in a timely manner, integrate and enhance existing systems and processes without the burden of expensive and risky upgrades.

All the Purlynt products are platform-independent and database-independent. Purlynt Solutions are completely web-enabled and have multi-location capability and can be accessed anywhere, anytime. The systems support multiple currencies and are designed to handle multiple business divisions or entities.

Purlynt Products

Purlynt Food and Hospitality Solution for Catering, Food and Facility Management Solution
Purlynt Airline Catering ERP product developed exclusively for Airlines Catering Industries
Purlynt OnBoard Sales fully Integrated Web enabled Solution forMain Store, Sub Store, Dispatch, Ground Outlets, Ramp area, Cashier and Operations
Purlynt AEMS Airline Equipment Management System is the next generation flagship ERP product developed exclusively for Airline on board Equipment and logistics industry
Purlynt POS Point of Sales Management Solution
Purlynt FICO Purlynt FICO is a Solution for Finance and Accounting Management
Purlynt CMSI Purlynt CMSI is a solution for Contract Management & Sales Invoicing
Purlynt HCM Purlynt HCM is an independent, stand-alone web based application
Purlynt B2B Purlynt B2B is a e-commerce portal offers a suite of modules that completely integrates all the business process
Purlynt IFM Solution for Facility Management Services
Purlynt Logeo Solution for Shipping, Logistics & Transportation


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