Airlines Practice

The Global Airline Industry is facing constant challenges due many factors that range from economical, social to political. This is in addition to usual business challenges like severe competition between Low- Cost Carriers and Full Service carriers and also high and volatile oil prices. Further Revenue passenger count remains static or at a very minimal increase, whereas number of carriers/Aircrafts flying on the same Route keeps increasing and everyone is fighting for the same pie. This result in excess capacity and less realization. Airlines are operating with a 5 to 7 % margin and are forced to look at avenues for saving every cent possible.Read More

Food & Hospitality Practice

Annual Revenue of Global Food industry is estimated to be USD 5.9 Trillion and is considered as one of the most successful and dynamic business sectors by many investors. The hospitality and catering industry is currently the third largest employer of labor worldwide. US, Europe and China are in Trillion leagues and the studies from various sources across the globe confirm the growth Read More

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) / Business Intelligence (BI)

7STL is the technology partner of the world’s foremost EPM/BI solution – Oracle-Hyperion®. Drawing on the cumulative experience of its team of professionals, 7STL can boast of advanced competence in consulting, implementing, support and training on EPM/BI tools, particularly Oracle-Hyperion®. The company can also provide consultation and other services on other available EPM/BI solutions in the market.Read More

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

7STL offerings in ERP space encompasses licensing and implementation of its proprietary e10® suite of products as well as consulting and implementation services on standard ERP products in the market including SAP, Oracle etc. By assuring superior service delivery, maximizing service availability and addressing critical technical requirements, it enables clients to save time and money and extract optimum benefits from their ERP implementation. Its services and expertise go beyond the technology to explore how clients can leverage their ERP solution to support business processes and achieve business goals.Read More

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