e10 Restaurant Solutions

We appreciate and are able to relate to your 'passion' to serve Great Food and create a Unique Model for Restaurant.

Having crossed many critical decisions on creative ideas like Right Location, Lay-out, Right Menu and Menu Size, Table and Seating Arrangements, Interiors, etc.,your focus would naturally be on increasing the revenue and running the business successfully.

The success of your Ideas and Passion one way or other depends on the following Key Factors:

  • Maintaining and Increasing the Footfall through Multiple Channels like Social Media, Web Page, Online ordering, Online table booking, Promotions & Campaigns, etc.
  • Image is Key and this is largely dependent on the efficiency of Staff of the Restaurants – Soldiers are important for a battle win.
  • Avoiding stock outs, proper & efficient procurement of all the required ingredients, planning for a right brand & delivery, forecasting future needs.
  • Data Analysis for Corrective Action – Are the Menu served right? Is the Portion of the Menu correct size? Fast vs. Slow Moving Menu, Margin on Menu, Which Hour of the Day or Which Day of the Week has Highest and Lowest Sales? Impact of Cost increase in ingredients. Avoiding stock expiry & obsolete stocks.
  • Cost Control – Is the cost incurred commensurate to Sales? Is Plate Cost within the expected percentage of Sales?
  • Integrated Information – Planning to Procurement to Order to Kitchen to Sales to Feedback, etc.

In the beginning it might appear easier to manage through Manual records or with Office Tools like Excel. As the growth happens there would be a tendency to implement Systems in progression and might end up Disparate Systems – One for Sale, Another for Purchases, Third for HR and Payroll, Another for Accounting, etc. resulting in NO-SINGLE source of information and at times Conflicting Information. The story is the same across most of the Entrepreneurs.

Buvette–Result of Passionate Approach, matured over 16 Years – Consisting of 15 Modules fully integrated and flexible to implement at modular level with the possibility of integrating other modules as the requirement rises. Buvette works well for Restaurant, Cafes, Bars, Fast Food, Food court, Bakery, sweet shops, Franchise.. Would like you to personally taste instead of reading pages.

Bundled suite to help you in maximizing business returns

  • Own your web page ( if you do not have one)
  • Online ordering
  • Table Booking
  • Futuristic and easy to use Point of sale
  • Planning & Forecasting
  • Procure to pay
  • Food cost controlled through recipe and automatic posting to arrive at theoretical stock
  • Payroll for any country in the world
  • Fully integrated Accounts
  • Monitor and control through Dashboard

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