e10 Restaurant Chain Solutions (Multi Restaurant Solutions)

There is an Ocean of Difference between Running single Restaurant and a Restaurant Chain. The whole business model changes ‐ right from Procurement to Production and to Sales ‐ McDonalds success story is a case in point as to how they adopted to Restaurant Chain from a single Restaurant.

Conceptually a single Restaurant's Business Model, Menu Offerings and Size, Menu Cost, etc. depend largely on the location and type of patrons they focus upon. So a success in Location A does not guarantee success in Location B. A menu in high demand in Location A may not be popular in Location B. In a Restaurant Chain this will have an impact and needs to ensure that the offerings appeals to patrons with different backgrounds.

The supply chain between the outlets and Central production units need to be robust. Unlike a single Restaurant, Restaurant chain derives benefits of Centralized process of Procurement and Production. In order for these centralized process to be effective and efficient, the back and forth communications should be effective. In a single restaurant, where the Owner can personally supervise the operations, in a Chain direct supervision is not possible. There has to be a mechanism of processes and systems in place. Real time visibility is required to ensure that there is no over-stock of certain menu ending up unsold in an outlet while another outlet has to turn the guests away due to no-stock.

We believe that success of a Restaurant Chain largely depend on:

  • Tracking of Loyal/ repeat customers for rewards
  • Improving the Footfall with multiple schemes and promotions
  • Work-flow of Items requested and Delivery between Outlet and Central Production
  • Ability to plan in advance the food requirement
  • Ability to plan the production at Outlet level/Central Production for the expected Sales and movement of Required materials from the Central Location/li>
  • Consolidation of ingredients to benefit from large volume of purchase & vendor selection
  • Tracking of Sales by Outlet, by Shift, by Counter, by Sales Agents, etc.
  • Ability to move Men & Material from an Outlet of Surplus to an Outlet of Demand
  • Quick decisions to increase production for sudden demands
  • Pricing update to all shops from the Head/Central Office & Visibility of Stock at Central Office and Outlets
  • Transmission of Online or Telephone Order to closest outlet for delivery
  • Performance tracking of all the outlets
  • Compare the performances between different locations/units and spread the best practice

A POS system at each outlet or a Procurement system at the Central office will not be able to support the ‘hub and spoke’ operation of a Restaurant Chain. While these are good to have for basic controls it is devoid of integrated and single source information. An end-to-end integrated system designed for the unique business processes is the key for controls and increased Revenue.

Noshery- our Restaurant Chain solution is the result of our passionate approach to this industry, matured over 16 years. It integrates all the processes from Source to Supply and is in use with Large Restaurant Chains.

Our solution can help you in:

  • Table bookings
  • Online ordering
  • Futuristic POS
  • Advanced analytics to Plan & forecast your Sales & Food requirements
  • Optimizing Procurement Cost through Consolidated Items & Centralized Purchases leveraging economies of Scale
  • Delivery management between outlets & production units
  • Central Production Planning based on the outlets’ projected demand
  • Online visibility of Sales Activities at Outlet level
  • Effective Man-power planning through seamless integration with HR & Payroll system
  • Profitability at Central level, Outlet level & Product Level
  • Payroll compliant with any country in the world
  • Fully integrated Accounts
  • Monitor and control through Dashboard

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