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A Food Supply chain or Food System deals with how food from a farm ends up on our tables. The processes typically include production, processing, distribution, consumption and disposal. The food supply chains through which food moves systematically in domino like motion from producers to consumers while the money consumers pay for food goes to people who work at various stages along the food supply chain in the reverse direction. Every step of the supply chain requires human and/or natural resources. Because a food supply chain is domino like, when one part of the food supply chain is affected, the whole food supply chain is affected, which is often manifested through changes in price.

Due to multiple parts in Food Supply Chain, Firms in the food sector will have to substantially improve their effectiveness and efficiency and meet increasingly high quality, consistency, and safety standards to comply with the stringent food laws and demands of the markets. These challenges will necessitate significant changes in the supply chain design and operation that gets the food from the ‘land to mouth.’ This will consequently raise new managerial challenges for meeting the specific demands for various users – processors, feed companies, exporters, retailers, and consumers.

While supply chain management is a more generic concept applicable in all sectors – perishability, seasonality, variability, bulkiness, small–scale production and traceability are some of the issues that distinguish the food supply chains. Similarly, while quality is again a generic issue, it is obviously more critical in the food supply chains. Further, public policies and regulation have a significant role in influencing food supply chains since the ‘product’ is an essential good, every citizen is a consumer, and a significant percentage of the citizens are producers.

Typically solutions available in the market are either Food Industry specific or Supply chain specific but the combination of Food Industry and Supply Chain specific to Food Industry are not available.

The need for an integrated solution that will give the right wherewithal for the Managers has been long pending that will relieve the Managers from the current situation of Part Excel, Part systems that too disparate, etc.

Metafora- has been designed and developed with the active participation of the Industry SMES to provide the Managers an integrated end-to-end solution that will help them to automate the business processes and help them to plan and execute the Supply Chain Function.

Our solution can help you in handling the following key functions in an automated fashion:

  • Participating in bids and respond to quotes, a Food Industry Specific function
  • Maintain vendor data – Procurement of items, a Food Industry specific function
  • Delivery Planning, Management and Tracking that includes Customer/Location requirements for transporting goods, Process the quote reply for customers/location to finalize the rates, a combination of Food Industry and Supply Chain function with specific focus to Food Industry. This considers both Own resources as well as the Hired ones either as Vehicles alone or with Vehicle and Driver
  • Fleet Management – Items, Cost, Expenses, Incidences Recording, Monitoring and Accounting
  • Hired Vehicle Management – Manage the Suppliers, Automatic population of Lowest Rate to support finalization, Sub-contracting, etc
  • Trip Scheduling – Vehicle Planning, Assigning Vehicles, Assigning Hired Vehicles, etc.
  • Trip Sheets – Recording, Monitoring and Accounting of Driver assignment, Driver Expenses, Vehicle Expenses, Cost Allocation to Departments/Jobs, etc.
  • Delivery Management – Order Tracking, Delivery Notes, Invoicing and Accounting
  • Human Capital Management that considers the uniqueness like Driving License Validity, First Aid certification, Training on handling of the Food Stuff, etc
  • Invoicing & Accounting, a back office function integrating all the business processes

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