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Event Catering is unique as compared to other Catering Business types. Guest types, Guests Count, Menu Plans, etc. are not in set pattern and tend to vary from event to event. Further, invariably the Event Caterers are typically expected to provide Services other than Catering as well like Stage Shows, Compering, Decoration, etc. So Event Caterers need to equip themselves to provide allied services as well in addition to core Catering Services.

Business challenges of Event Catering Services include:

  • Event Caterers are expected to provide non-catering services as well as part of the overall services requirements
  • Definite count of Guests is normally not provided in advance and only indicative count is provided. Leading to challenge in planning the Procurement, production and delivery
  • Caterer should have contingency plans to meet the situations when the count is increased and also plan in such a fashion that there is no wastage
  • Events can be of different sizes requiring different count of Men & quantities of Material. While Materials can be procured, but person with right skills is difficult to ramp-up. Event Caterers need to have well-structured mechanism to handle the ramp-up requirements
  • Event Caterers need to maintain certain level of skilled resources even during the period when there is no event. This cost needs to be considered while quoting for an Event
  • There can be situations where there could be many Events requiring seamless coordination on production and delivery
  • Event Food & Equipment requirements need to be planned either onsite or at Central production units depending upon the customer preference& respective materials planned accordingly

Based on the Characteristics of Event Caterers the Business Orders will have Peaks and Leans, Caterer on his own may not be able to provide end-to-end services.

Our solution can help you in:

  • Customer portal to manage the events , quote and sales order
  • Creating a comprehensive Vendors List with Items Mapped to them to enable the Procurement Process seamless
  • Creating Menu Plan for the event that considers all the services agreed to be provided. Menu Plan feature in the system help in automatically generating the list of Ingredients with the quantity, brand, etc. for the Meal Services
  • For the non-meal services it will automatically generate services that are required to be provided by Partners or Sub-Contractors
  • Creating Purchase order automatically from the Menu Plan
  • Creating Accounts Payable document from the goods and services received through logging in Vendors Invoices
  • Delivery planning based on the sales order either at central production or at customer place
  • Tracking the equipment’s delivered to the event premises
  • Automated Billing based on the Contract terms by updating the details of services provided
  • Payroll , accounts and Dashboards to control and manage your business

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