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Remote Site or Contract Catering industry is becoming increasingly competitive. In order to be in the race and grow, players are adopting in to providing value added or additional services and become an Integrated Service Provider. The additional services offered were pertaining to Facility Management and it was further extended to providing Accommodation Services mainly at large sites where the food services are provided.

Even though the Accommodation services are provided as logical extension of the Food Services, the nature, characteristics and operations are very different. At times customers’ insist and float tenders for the Integrated Services covering both Food Services and Accommodation Services. The Nature, Characteristics and Operations being different, the challenges and requirements are also different.

Some of the Key Requirements are:

  • Multiple camp management single platform – There could be many camps where the services are offered and there should be a single consolidated view on the overall operations.
  • Configuration– The rooms can be rented out to Single Person, Two or more occupants. It could be even on bed or bunker bed based depending upon the requirements of customer. There should be facility to view the availability of space at a unit level and booking to be done at the unit level
  • Availability of Rooms – Book and block for the Accommodation requests received. There should be filters to search for the availability based on the requirements – it could be bed space, 2 or more occupants in a room or single occupant. Further search should be available for the different types of room to meet the requirements for booking.
  • Optimum utilization of Rooms – Unlike hotel industry where majority of the guests have a planned schedule, here the schedule might vary due work exigencies. For those who stay long term, when they are away for vacations, etc., the resources should be utilized to the optimum level
  • Assets – All the assets in the room like Refrigeration, Television, Air–condition, Cots, etc. have to be serviced regularly for which a maintenance schedule should be maintained and implemented. There should be pro–active alters on the upcoming maintenance schedule and the assets involved. Further there has to be asset tracking.
  • Billing – The billing should be on a daily basis that could contain both Accommodation and Catering Services. If the contract with the customer specifies that the billing should be on a monthly basis, then the daily summary should be consolidated for invoicing on the agreed time frame.
  • Revenue – The Revenue could be received as payment towards the invoices raised or at the time of each check–out. The revenue should be tallied with the rentals and it should be considered for accounting in the Finance books.
  • Check–in – In addition to the traditional methods of check–in, there is increasing requirement for bio–metric and ID based check–in as the guests are employees of customers or their guests. There can be requirement when a big group of employees check–in where the details are provided in excel. In this situation excel upload should be possible.
  • Contract Validation – there could be long term contract for providing accommodation to a customer. When the customer sends the list of guests, there should be validation to check if the requirements are as per contract.
  • Plan for Catering – Based on the Contract and the count of Occupants, there should be alert on the catering requirements to plan for the same.
  • Reports and Dashboards – The key areas are Occupancy, Vacancy, Collection, Catering Provided, etc.

POSADKA–is the result of our understanding of the industry and our passion and commitment to provide an integrated solution. It has been designed with the inputs from hands–on industry experts and has been further fine–tuned based on the experience gained from the implementations.

Our solution can help you in:

  • Configuring the stock of accommodation available in different units – bed, bunker–bed, 2 or more occupant in a room, single occupant, etc.
  • Configuring the different rates applicable based on the accommodation and contractual terms that can contain different parameters like bulk, length of stay, etc.
  • Having a single window on the availability, duration, etc.
  • Raising billing based on the contractual terms and facilitate the collection either on the check–out or through invoicing
  • Automating the check–in and check–out
  • Creating a summary of revenue earned and interface the information with the Finance module for accounting the money received or to raise invoices.
  • Billing for the catering services provided in addition to the rental
  • Generating reports on Daily occupancy, Vacancy, Occupancy Reports for catering by various category, Catering Delivery Reports, etc.
  • Accessing pre–built dash boards on Comparative Occupancy by Customer wise, Comparative Occupancy by different levels of employees for a customer, Comparative Occupancy and Food Cost, Comparative analysis for Vacant Bed for a Period, Comparative analysis for Revenue by location, etc.

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