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With the increasing expectation of Youth and Middle Aged to have the dinner in the comfort of home and the inability of Aged people to go to restaurant to dine or get takeaways, the preferred method is online order. Variety is the spice of life and globalization brought in variety of food with different tastes. Authenticity is the key and a specialist in one variety does not focus in other varieties.

Food Aggregators act as single window to cater to different varieties of food. Earlier the reach and the offer of services of Food Aggregators were localized due Technology limitations. However, the recent technology advancement has brought a new dimension to the Food Aggregators’ business. Delivering restaurant food to the customer’s location becomes easier and quicker with the new modes of communication & technology. Online platform provides boost to these initiatives with faster responses between vendors and customers. The far reaching possibilities of the sector attract many global giants to invest in the companies in this business.

Food delivery market is estimated as 1% of the global food market which is increasing its growth pace as more and more customers are attracted with flexibility in menu, rates and different tastes available for them to choose online.

Earlier Food Aggregators were offering access to multiple restaurants through a single online portal. Customers could login to the aggregator’s portal; compare menus, prices, and reviews from others. Compared to the traditional Food Aggregators’ business model, the Newcomers play with new business ideas such as own delivery system, offering their own Menu, etc. Based on taste and preference of the customers, they keep changing the menus. Orders are taken via online portals or through telephones. Some of them use the social media facilities to get connected with the customers in need. Confirmed orders are communicated to contracted restaurants or Gourmet chefs and get the food prepared. Customers are satisfied because they can dine at home with quality and taste of restaurant food.

Midst of latest technology trends, food aggregators are facing many challenges:

  • Very limited time for food preparation/procurement and deliver it to customers
  • Transmitting the order booked on the portal to the respective restaurant instantly
  • Robustness and efficiency of Logistics for on time delivery
  • Ensuring the delivery plan is well coordinated without back and forth movement of vehicles and delivery team
  • Monitoring the efficiency of Multiple Mini Hubs vs. Single Hub
  • Comparison of Own Delivery Infrastructure vs. Outsourced Delivery Infrastructure.
  • Get the food prepared from the vendor/restaurant irrespective of the dine in crowd in the respective restaurants
  • Having the right level of staffing and vehicles to handle Peaks and Leans.
  • Providing versatile menu with periodic updates based on demand and past sales pattern
  • Wastage of prepared food.
  • Analyzing effectiveness of menu based on sale Payroll integration for business with own delivery staff Daily revenue and profitability at multiple dimensions

Juhe–  Our Food Aggregators’ specific solution can help you in:

  • Taking online orders
  • Generate instant KOTs if the menu ordered is prepared in house
  • Linking your Order portal with the Online ordering portal of the Restaurants in a seamless fashion
  • Advanced analytic to Plan & forecast your Sales & Menu requirements
  • Advanced bulk ordering of popular menus at a competitive price for delivering to customers in portions
  • Integrating preparation of food to the ordering and delivery business
  • Multiple level wastage Tracking and Control system
  • Delivery tracking
  • Delivery management between outlets & production units
  • Futuristic POS to track real time demand in an outlet
  • Payroll compliant with any country in the world
  • Fully integrated Accounts
  • Monitor and control through Dashboard

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